Handmade bath products that are good for your skin

PixieBubbles Soap is made from scratch requiring three things to become soap: oil, water and lye. Yes, lye is necessary in all handcrafted soaps made from scratch. It is the reaction between the lye and the oils that produces soap. Once that reaction (called saponification) is complete, all of the lye is converted into soap; there is no lye remaining in the finished soap bar!

PixieBubbles Soap base oil is made with a blend of various vegetable fats including olive oil, coconut, palm kernel, & soy which provides a nice hard bar that has good lathering qualities.  No animal fats are used in my soap.

In addition to the base oils, we add a small percentage of specialty oils to bring additional benefits to the soap. Specialty oils include Castor, Vitamin E oil, or butters such as cocoa, and Shea butter.  Various types of milk, including goat's milk, are also included to provide a luxurious soap!

PixieBubbles Soap is scented using either top grade plant-based essential oils or fragrance oils.  All mica colorants are FDA approved.  PixieBubbles Soap contains no preservatives or detergents.