Handmade bath products that are good for your skin

PixieBubbles Soap FaceBook Reviews:


"Anyone looking for a gift unlike any other or just something for yourself, PixieBubbles Soap is the the place to go! I have used her for every Christmas and birthday gift, love love love all of her products!! 💫"

Buyer:  Jennifer H.


PixieBubblesSoap.com Customer Reviews:

"Love love love!

I love every single thing I have ordered from pixiebubbles!  I have extremely sensitive skin & have problems with almost everything I put on my skin but that is not the case with pixiebubbles products. Not only can I use it daily but it actually helps my brake outs & itchy skin. Thank you pixiebubbles!"

Buyer:  Rachele S.


PixieBubblesSoap1 eBay Store Customer Reviews:

04/2018 ("Ocean Breeze" Coconut Oil & Goat's Milk Soap)

"BEYOND glorious soap!! Wonderful seller!!Thank you so much!! I will be back!!"

Buyer ID:  nuttynona


3/2018 (“Mixed Lot of 10 Soaps")

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Teresa! She's wonderful, excellent!"

Buyer:  missteddybearscloset

12/15/16 (“Ribbon Candy” Coconut Oil & Yogurt Shea Butter Soap)

“Love these soaps. I'll be purchases more from you. Great fragrance.”

Buyer:  Joann T.


12/13/16 (“Black Patchouli” Vegetable Oil & Milk Shea Butter Soap)

 “Very Nice! Smells great!

Buyer:  Tim P.


12/12/16 (“Ribbon Candy” Coconut Oil & Yogurt Shea Butter Soap)

 “Absolutely wonderful !!! will order again AAAA+++++++++ thanks again.

Buyer:  Earlyne M.


12/1/16 (“Lush Lavender” Coconut Oil & Yogurt Shea Butter Soap)

The cutest packaging and the most sensational soap! Love, love, love it! TY!

Buyer:  Sierra K.

6/18/15 (“Rose Patch” Vegetable Oil Milk & Shea Butter Soap)

“I’m in love!  This stuff is REALLY NICE.  Going back for full sized.”

Buyer:  xz129


12/30/15 (“My Baby Billy", "Ultramarine Lavender", "Sea Foam Billy" Vegetable Oil Soaps)

Well lets just say - You are awesome!!!! And way above any expectations - too kind of you. 10 years on Ebay and I still am surprized by just how nice a total stranger can be. I might add that i find myself washing my hands more often than need be just because I love your soaps. They leave my skin so nice & soft and never dried out (from excessive hand washing - lol). Pixy is my friend of 40 years (recently changed her name to reflect her attitude) and she will surely love the soaps and be so surprized by your added kindness. Many many thanks and blessings for a safe and prosperous New Year. Rest assured, I will be buying your products again - for myself and others.”

Best regards, Cynthia


9/25/15 (“Lavender Dreams" Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Sea Salt Spa BIG Bar)

“I actually have no question. I just wanted to let you know your Lavender Dream Bar is amazing! I have horrible skin that I have struggled with for many years. Most soaps or body washes marked sensitive make me brake out in a horrible itchy rash that leave me with sores on my legs, arms & face. Lavender has always been calming for my skin so when I seen your product I thought let’s try it. I bought the sample size & have been using for about a week & let me tell you the results are nothing short of a miracle. My skin doesn't itch & the sores have slowly started to fade. I will be purchasing the big bar! I just wanted to say thank you “


4/24/15 (“Fawn” Oatmeal, Milk, Grapeseed Oil Soap)

“The soap is awesome! I have severe dry skin and am almost always itchy. This soap soothes my skin. I was in a hurry yesterday after I showered and didn't even put lotion on and my skin didn't itch or bother me at all. I will be purchasing soap from you going forward. Thank you for a wonderful product.”