Handmade bath products that are good for your skin

I’ve always had a passion for soap! I reminisce about summers spent at my Aunt Marie’s farmhouse and the bubbly soap scrub down at the end of a hard day’s play as a child. Whether it was floating soap, or squirting foam soap out of a can, it remains a treasured memory of years long gone.  The smell of a fresh bar of PixieBubbles Soap sets my senses adrift.  Being squeaky clean in every aspect of my life has always been an aspiration.  Soap making is my natural artistic means of expression.  I want you to enjoy the love of handcrafted soap in your life!  My soap is all natural with pure ingredients.  It has no unnecessary harsh chemicals or detergents.  PixieBubbles Soap is handcrafted soap & bath that’s good for your skin!  I hope you and your family will enjoy PixieBubbles Soap products as much as my family does.  Thank you & enjoy!

Love & Bubbles, Teresa Sperow a.k.a. Dixie Pixie :)